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Other useful publications and links:

Hampshire Constabulary domestic abuse leaflet:

Mankind Initiative: 

Men's Advice Line:

National LGBT Domestic Abuse:

Respect Phoneline:

A directory of services, the Oak Book, to help practitioners support male victims of domestic abuse has been compiled by Mankind Initiative and can be accessed from 

For LGBT victims of domestic abuse, and those who support them, a training and awareness raising tool can be accessed at

For perpetrators of domestic violence in same-sex relationships, a booklet for gay and bi men who have been violent and/or abusive towards their (ex) partners and are looking for help can be found here

For healthcare professionals coming into contact with perpetrators of domestic violence, a booklet/guide can be found here

To view a video of how to call the Emergency Services (in Nepali) go to:

To access resources and an e-learning package on Forced Marriage, go to: 

To access information and an e-learning package on Female Genital Mutilation, go to:

For some people, counselling can be very helpful and Counselling Directory has a list of counsellors who have provided the site with qualifications and insurance cover or proof of membership with a professional body.


Hypnotherapy Directory connects individuals with qualified professionals in the UK. They offer information about what hypnotherapy is, how it can help, upcoming events, articles written by professionals and the latest hypnotherapy news. 
Hypnotherapy Directory see